Improving Testosterone Delivery

It has long been assumed that testosterone absorbs well topically from a variety of bases. However, many patients and physicians often report problems with achieving desired testosterone levels in male patients. There are many variables that can affect these levels in men, and PCCA developed a new base that has proven results for testosterone delivery.

Atrevis Hydrogel is an advanced topical base designed specifically to deliver testosterone through the skin in male patients.

Advanced Technology

Atrevis uses a novel delivery system to drive testosterone through the skin, which includes its hydrogel polymer network along with three unique, naturally derived skin-permeation enhancers. This proprietary delivery system was developed specifically to drive testosterone through the skin.

Advanced Thinking

As a next-generation base, Atrevis Hydrogel is formulated without alcohol. Even though it is common in testosterone preparations, alcohol can dry the skin and cause irritation in some patients. It can also evaporate from a preparation, which may result in grittiness at higher API concentrations and may affect chemical potency over time.


  • Superior testosterone delivery: Independent testing shows that Atrevis Hydrogel delivers more testosterone through the skin than both a hydro-alcoholic surfactant solution and a competitor base (figs. 1 and 2 below)
  • Alcohol-free: Atrevis is formulated without alcohol, reducing the risk of evaporation and maintaining chemical stability while not drying the skin
  • Quick absorption: It absorbs quickly when rubbed into the skin, leaving a smooth texture without a greasy residue

How It Works

The skin-permeation enhancers improve the solubility and dispersibility of testosterone, helping it to transverse the skin when it is delivered.

The physical properties of the hydrogel allow its polymer network to quickly and easily release the testosterone as it is gently rubbed into the skin.

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