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Compounding Compounding Professional Pharmacy





Professional Pharmacy is a proud member of PCCA , www.pccarx.com .  We are able to compound products for humans as well as animals.  Below is a list of common products that we compound:


  • Amitriptyline-baclofen vaginal cream
  • Amitriptyline-baclofen-gabapentin vaginal cream
  • Amphotericin B suppositories
  • Clonidine-gabapentin-ketamine topical plo gel
  • Diazepam suppositories
  • Dichloralphenazone-isometheptene mucate-acetaminophen capsules
  • Estriol/stradiol/estrone creams
  • Gabapentin cream
  • Hyaluronic acid sodium gel
  • Hyaluronic acid sodium suppositories
  • Hydrocortisone vaginal cream
  • Hydrocortisone-clindamyacin vaginal cream
  • Ketamine nasal spray
  • Levothyroxine sodium t4/t3 capsules
  • Liothyronine SR capsules
  • Naltrexone capsules
  • Nitroglycerin ointment
  • Paromomycin vaginal ointment
  • Progesterone vanpen cream
  • Quinacrine capsules
  • Testosterone cream
  • Veterinary Products
    • Cyclosporine capsules
    • Potassium Bromide
    • Topical methimazole, prednisolone

This is a list of common compounds we do. If there is a compound medication that you need and is not on this list, please give us a call (215)-679-9700.